Gelbstein’s full service bakery offers the finest selection of fresh breads, pastries and other baked goods for all your wholesale and retail needs.

Our Tradition:

Baking original recipes for over 80 years.

Gelbstein’s Kosher Bakery was founded as a small town family bakery in 1934. Their small shop, ensconced in a warm enclave at the corner of Clifton Avenue, served as a point of convergence for their dedicated culinary experts to put their skills together and create great food for the neighborhood. Early each morning, aromas of freshly baked bread would waft through their windows to the nostrils of the locals dotted throughout the woodsy township of Lakewood, New Jersey. The quality of their baked products combined with their penchant for authenticity and innovation in the world of old-world, European home-style bakeries served to enhance their reputation.

From its beginnings, they were destined for sensational success. Gelbstein’s is now recognized as New Jersey’s most long-standing and largest kosher bakery. 4 flagship locations in the tristate area are now proud to operate under the Gelbstein’s banner, serving desirous customers in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Today, they cater events and distribute thousands of nutritious meals to schools throughout the tristate area. What’s more, they’ve expanded and achieved national growth, shipping wholesale products across the country daily.

Our Values:

Quality. Authenticity. Creativity.

We believe that enhancing time-honored techniques with a pinch of sweet creativity forms brilliant creations.

Gelbstein’s prosperity has been realized by its team of dedicated master bakers, pastry chefs and culinary artists who love their craft. Their single-minded vision has always been to provide consistent, high-standard, quality products to Gelbstein’s loyal customers. Together, they experiment with new flavors, textures and presentations each day.

Our bakery is a beautiful mix of ethnic flavor, Jewish tradition and seasonal inspiration. In addition to our permanent offerings, we constantly churn out different classic recipes in the spirit of the changing seasons.

Everything, from baking through fulfillment, is accomplished at our own facility to ensure that nothing is overlooked, allowing us to serve our customers uncompromisingly.

We call our place
“Home Sweet Home.”

Our main site is equipped with the most high performance, modern, state-of-the-art bakery equipment. We bake constantly throughout the day so you can enjoy fresh products all day, every day at all of our stores. Come and be surprised.